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Inspector Advisor
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Get your tough home inspection questions answered! (Free to OREP Members)

• On-demand help for your home inspection, construction, code, and liability questions
• Quick responses to your questions from the field
• Notifications and access to all Q&As; and archives
• Money Back Guarantee is an on-demand inspection support service hosted by OREP, with Jerry Peck presiding. provides inspectors with timely answers to their tough technical questions—in plain English! All subscribers are notified as new questions and answers are added, so everyone learns from each other.

Now you don’t need to guess how to resolve tough technical and other inspection issues or rely on questionable advice. This service is less than $5 a month and comes with a money-back guarantee. is part of the OREP Professional Support Network. For login details, email Got questions? Find answers. Fast. 

Hosted by OREP, featuring veteran inspector and builder, code guru and litigation consultant Jerry Peck.

About Jerry Peck
Jerry Peck has been in construction since 1972, first as a contractor then as an inspector. He has been inspecting since 1991. He is the owner and principle of Construction Litigation Consultants, LLC and does construction consulting, construction defect litigation consulting, and personal injury litigation consulting when related to construction of new and existing buildings. He has consulted with clients across the state of Florida and throughout the Southeast, as well as having had cases from other states, including Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana and New Jersey to name a few. Jerry is a licensed General Contractor, Plans Examiner and code Inspector in Florida. He also does code consulting related to the Florida Building Codes and the International Building Codes, along with various state codes based on the International Building Codes. Jerry says that “He tries to make the boring, technical stuff less boring, more interesting and easier to understand – so that we all learn from each other.”

Inspector Advisor
On-Demand Inspection Support Service
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Free for OREP Members
OREP Insureds enjoy automatic membership in the OREP Professional Support Network, which includes free admission to, guaranteed delivery of Working RE magazine, Corporate Savings, discounts on continuing education, contract review, deductible forgiveness and more! Email for your login credentials.

Need Insurance?
OREP's home inspector insurance program now includes E&O;, General Liability, Radon, Termite/WDI/WDO, Lead Paint, Pool & Spa, EIFS/Stucco, Indoor Air Quality Testing, Green Building Inspections, Infrared Thermography, Rodent inspections, and more. Mold Coverage and Septic/Water testing are available for a small additional premium. Minimum premiums start under $1,000.

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